Local address and contact points

Support from Sales Factory ME Advisory board

Business Plan & Go to Market Strategy preparation

Speed to market via local business development activities

Potential Customer visits (Sales Factory ME & client defined prospects)

Event / Exhibition recommendation & participation

Reduced bureaucracy and cost for clients' for operations within the region

Increase visibility in the market (create brand awareness)

Easy follow up of opportunities in the region by using our network

Lead Generation

RFP follow up till closure

Act as client’s “Business Development Manager / Customer Satisfaction Manager / Key Account Manager”

SWOT analysis and business strategy for key accounts

Market and competition analysis

Budget and forecasting

Monthly activity reports

Regular market insights reports

Problem solving as local partner

Training (for your customers, your staff)


Custom Clearance, Delivery & Local invoicing

Company establishment & Legal Support

Marketing support (event management, collaterals, branding, etc.)

How We Work

Do workshops to understand your company needs / ambitions

Structure a go to market plan / business plan

Work as your liaison office

Work as your Key Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Customer Satisfaction Manager

Join exhibitions to understand your market potentials

Will follow up the relevant regional tenders/projects

Generate regular reports about developments and activities

Help you to build your own company

Help you to find suitable partner(s) in the region

How we add value?

As Sales Factory Me, we specialize in providing expert local knowledge and services, cost effectively. Below, you can see the cost comparison table of working with Sales Factory ME vs. typical costs for doing it yourself (DIY).

As you can see clearly, the cost of working with us is generally 75% cheaper than doing similar activities yourself.

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